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Music Scroll

Music Scroll

Take your music wherever you go and your song is always with you…...
Peace Guitar

Peace Guitar

The guitar is the most popular and loved musical instrument used all over...


In honour of the amazing David Bowie who gave us brilliant music and...
Love the Music

Love the Music

For those who know that music is one of the loves of their...
Songbird Pendant

Songbird Pendant

This beautiful little songbird is a real whistle to blow your own tune....
Skull King of Music

Skull King of Music

The Skull King is serious about his music. This is a heavy weight...
Brass Heart Of Roses

Brass Heart Of Roses

The Rose is considered a symbol of balance & LOVE. The beauty of the. Rose...
Frangipani Stopper Silver

Frangipani Stopper Silver

Frangipanis are the most well known flower in Bali. Men & Women slip them...

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from Myths & Legends…

blog cover

Our latest collection ‘from Myths & Legends was a collaboration between myself and my son Nick. Ever since Nick was a young child he has had a fascination with things of mystery and the unknown. This was an easy and fun collection for each of us to design and work on.

We drew inspiration from different parts of the world and their local myths and stories. We know there is an endless array of magical mythical creatures to explore and we would love to hear if there are any others that you would like to see us create.

As always we look forward to hearing your welcomed feedback on this collection.

Amanda and Nick

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Europe 2014

I have been meaning to put this post up forever. Last year I was fortunate enough to take an amazing journey through a few beautiful cities in Europe.

Some of the definite highlights for me were in Germany, France and the Netherlands. Because Pete (my husband) comes from Germany, we felt quite a connection there.

One of my favourite things to do is travel and find inspiration by experiencing the different cultures, sights, sounds and delicious food. Each city had its own wonderous delights to tempt us.

Here are some of my travel pics that I wanted to share with you, of our journey throughout Europe. We will definitly be going back there again very soon.












Greetings from Yande

Yande and I spent some quality time together working on some new projects, we have some very exciting things happening in the near future for *redbalifrog*, so watch this space.

We also had a wonderful time at Jimbaran beach and with Yande’s family in his village just out of Ubud.

Here are some more photo’s to enjoy.


Amanda :)


yande 2

Yande and myself enjoying Jimbaran beach

yande 3

The exquisite sunset at Jimbaran

yande 5

Yande enjoying the sunset

yande 4

Village life

yande 1

Little Kadek collecting flowers

yande 6

Yande taking a moment to enjoy his beautiful village



Balinese Wedding

Just recently I returned to Bali to be a part of one of my best Balinese friends eldest sons wedding. What a privilege it was to be at such a beautiful event, I will treasure it forever.

I’d like to share some of the photos from the day with you all.


Amanda :)


sate 2

All of the village men preparing the Sate’ for the wedding feast. This is done the day before from 5am

priest feast

An offering for the Sharman to thank him for the blessings given at the wedding ceremony

sate 1

The cooking of the Sate’, traditional style


The wedding couple greet their guests prior to the ceremony

wedding 3

My beautiful friend Putu and myself dolled up for the wedding in traditional wedding attire


The guests waiting for the ceremony to begin

wedding 2

The Bride and Groom in their wedding outfits about to be blessed by the Sharman


The Sharman blessing the newlyweds



Holy waters used for the blessings



The amazing wedding attire